Success Stories

There are too many success stories to list them all. Patrick Bedard and David Bobrow have succeeded in getting their clients what they want over hundreds of trials, and thousands of successful settlements in criminal, divorce, and civil disputes. Since both attorneys have been the attorney in many lawsuits that have been the subject of reported legal decisions and newspaper articles, it is easier and quicker to provide these as a small sample of our work:

Lentz v. Lentz (Divorce)

Maine Supreme Court upheld discovery sanction decision against a Husband by holding an apartment building was marital property subject to division and that the Wife would receive a portion of the value of this building.

Lentz v. Lentz, 163 A.3d 122 (Me. 2017) (June 1, 2017)

State of Maine v. Moses King (Not guilty verdict on felony charge, misdemeanor dismissed after illegally obtained confession thrown out)

Moses King was found not guilty of aggravated assault after a jury trial, but convicted of misdemeanor criminal threatening. The Maine Supreme Court threw out his illegally obtained confession and remanded to the Superior Court for a new trial on the criminal threatening conviction without using his statements against him, and upon remand the State of Maine dismissed the case against Moses King.

State of Maine v. Moses King, 136 A.3d 366 (Me. 2016) (April 12, 2016)

State of New Hampshire v. Brendan Higgins (Not guilty on sexual assault, other sexual assault charge dismissed)

Strafford County Superior Court jury found Mr. Higgins not guilty of sexual assault after seven day trial, and the jury split, or hung, on second count of sexual assault. The State of New Hampshire later dismissed the second charge of sexual assault against Mr. Higgins.

"Jury splits on sexual assault charges for former hospital technician," (May 22, 2015)

"Former hospital tech on trial for allegedly groping patient," NH1 News, (May 6, 2015)

"Trial set for ex-WDH tech accused of sex assault," (November 12, 2014)

Dinan v. Alpha Networks (Wage Dispute)

First Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a Federal District Court decision and held that Michael Dinan is entitled to three times his unpaid wages, a total of approximately $221,000, plus attorney’s fees for his employer’s failure to pay his sales commissions (wages) in a timely manner.

Dinan v. Alpha Networks, 764 F.3d 64 (1st Cir. 2014) (August 20, 2014)

Estate of Robert L. Collopy (Probate Dispute)

Maine Supreme Court upheld Probate Court decision that mortgage company be denied the appointment of a special administrator to probate the Estate of Collopy for the sole purpose of foreclosing against property formerly owned by Robert Collopy.

Estate of Robert L. Collopy, 88 A.3d 153 (Me. 2014) (March 6, 2014)

Dinan v. Alpha Networks (Wage Dispute)

Maine Supreme Court held that an employee was entitled to treble damages and attorney’s fees under Maine statute if amounts that were not paid to employee would be considered payment for working for employer, or wages, whether under an express contract or an implied contract.

Dinan v. Alpha Networks, 60 A.3d 792 (Me. 2013) (February 21, 2013)

Cronis, Liston, Nangle & White, LLP v. 90 Exchange, LLC (Business Dispute)

Massachusetts Appellate Division overturned a Judge’s decision throwing out part of 90 Exchange’s counterclaim against engineers Cronis and Liston, and remanded the case for a new trial before a jury on all issues, including whether the engineers committed malpractice in their designs.

Cronis, Liston, Nangle & White, LLP v. 90 Exchange, LLC, 2009 Mass. App. Div. 78 (2009) (May 28, 2009)

Currier v. Huron (Mortgage Dispute)

Maine Supreme Court overruled lower court Judge and held the Plaintiff Currier was entitled to statutory damages of $5,000 plus attorney’s fees because the Defendant Huron failed to discharge a mortgage when it was paid in full by her former boyfriend Currier.

Currier v. Huron, 940 A.2d 1085 (Me. 2008) (January 29, 2008)

Gile v. Albert (Construction Dispute)

York County Superior Court dismissed the Plaintiff’s claim against a contractor for breach of contract and Unfair Trade Practice damages because the lawsuit was not filed against him within the six year statute of limitations.

Gile v. Albert (July 7, 2006)

Iozza v. Town of Acton (Tax Foreclosure)

York County Superior Court held that Town of Acton’s tax lien foreclosure against the property of John Iozza did not follow State law, was therefore invalid, and therefore the property was returned to the ownership of John Iozza.

Iozza v. Town of Acton (October 29, 2004)

MacDougall v. Department of Human Services (Child Support)

Maine Supreme Court overturned hearings officer’s decision not allowing self-employed carpenter to deduct his business expenses when determining his gross wages for the purposes of a child support calculation.

MacDougall v. Department of Human Services, 769 A.2d 829 (Me. 2001) (April 24, 2001)

State of Maine v. Sean P. Lewis (Charges dismissed after illegally seized drugs thrown out)

Maine Supreme Court overturned drug trafficking conviction because marihuana was illegally seized from the Defendant Lewis without a warrant so the drugs were suppressed, and upon remand the State of Maine dismissed the drug trafficking case against Mr. Lewis.

Maine v. Sean P. Lewis, 611 A.2d 69 (Me. 1992) (May 11, 1992)

St. Hilaire & Associates, Inc. v. The Harbor Corporation (Contract Dispute)

Maine Supreme Court overturned District Court decision refusing to order payment of attorney’s fees to St. Hilaire and ordered attorney’s fees to be paid to St. Hilaire because the contract provides for the payment of attorney's fees when payment has not been made.

St. Hilaire & Associates, Inc. v. The Harbor Corporation, 607 A.2d 905 (Me. 1992) (May 15, 1992)

Bedard v. Pellon (Real Estate Commission Dispute)

Maine Supreme Court held that Bedard, a real estate broker seeking payment of a commission, was entitled to a new trial on whether he was owed a $25,000 commission for the sale of a restaurant, and on remand and a new jury trial Bedard received a judgment from the jury for his $25,000 real estate commission.

Bedard v. Pellon, 606 A.2d 205 (me. 1992) (April 15, 1992)