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David from day one was very open minded and easy to talk to. Very informative and fast response to emails and phone calls. Professional and down to business at the same time. He dug deep into the allegations of child neglect on our case. And the day we went to court he put his game face on and gave it his all. And for an answer that was supposed to take 3-4 months we knew in less then a week and they overturned the findings. Very pleased and money well spent. Very professional definitely recommend David Bobrow. Thank you sir for a job well done.

– Patrick

Attorney Bedard has been our Attorney for the last 10-15 years. After being in business for 30 years and dealing with several firms I would like to give Attorney Bedard our highest recommendation, he stands above others because he can handle easy to complex issues. He has trial experience which adds tremendous value for his clients and reduces layers of lawyers you will encounter with other firms. One of our first transactions with Attorney Bedard is when a public company informed us they were ending royalty payments to us, only by Attorney Bedard's quick actions and trial experience was he able to stop this process and we still enjoy payments many years later.

Thank you Attorney Bedard.

– TL, CEO, Dover, NH

David is the best criminal lawyer in this area. I had a felony drug charge and before the court date, he was able to get my charge dropped to a misdemeanor with only a fine. I would recommend him to everybody. It was one of the scariest times of my life and David totally saved me!!! I will never forget what he has done for me!!!!!

– Sherrie

I was a client of Attorney David Bobrow for my family law matter. I found Attorney Bobrow to be highly responsive to both emails and phone calls. Attorney Bobrow gives clear and honest feedback as it relates to your specific cases. Attorney Bobrow is well spoken, organized and highly professional. I would absolutely recommend his legal services to anyone in need of an attorney.

– Senja

I was going through a very contentious divorce. My life was now in the hands of strangers and attorneys. My biggest fears of divorce were coming to reality from finances, life changes and most importantly my child and his future. I originally was with a firm that everyone said was the best. They did what they could do, however I was at a standstill with my soon to be ex husband and the bills were adding up. I decided that I needed more then being a client and needed to go to someone who really understood and that I felt cared about me and my child. Pat Bedard as strong as he may be in court and to protect me as a client, also knew when to mediate and when to fight. With that said, my ex and I came to a close quickly on our divorce and our child's well being.

I am able to move on with my life as best as I can and feel that my child's best interest was always met. Thank you Pat and all in the office who truly just didn't see me as a client, they really cared.

– Oneta

David is an Excellent Attorney. He was prompt at returning my emails/calls with any questions I had in reference to my pending criminal charges at the time. The outcome I was very pleased with. My advice to anyone in the seacoast area in need of effective counsel — contact David first. You will be glad you did!

– Pj Durkin

David Bobrow was my attorney through a harrowing divorce and associated legal issues. Despite his busy schedule, he was available in a timely way to answer questions, provide advice and reassurance when needed. His work was excellent and I had absolute trust in his legal expertise, but in addition, he was kind, insightful and supportive. He wasn't afraid to give me the hard truths when I needed to hear them but was able to give me guidance and hope with a view to the "big picture". I believe he is truly a great lawyer and can't imagine getting through that time in my life without his help. I would recommend him unreservedly. I feel I shall always be in his debt for going above and beyond, and with a great outcome for all! Thank you David, you are the bomb!

– Diana

Attorney Bobrow has been used by my family for several issues. He has always been very thorough in each of these cases. When I had a claim made against me, I contacted Attorney Bobrow and hired him for my case. He was excellent throughout the process. He always kept me informed, he included my input within the process, and he prepared a solid defense. I felt very well prepared as we went to trial. In the end, I was found innocent, which confirms that he was solid in his defense. I would recommend attorney Bobrow for anyone in search of a quality lawyer.

– Brendan