I was going through a very contentious divorce. My life was now in the hands of strangers and attorneys. My biggest fears of divorce were coming to reality from finances, life changes and most importantly my child and his future. I originally was with a firm that everyone said was the best. They did what they could do, however I was at a standstill with my soon to be ex husband and the bills were adding up. I decided that I needed more then being a client and needed to go to someone who really understood and that I felt cared about me and my child. Pat Bedard as strong as he may be in court and to protect me as a client, also knew when to mediate and when to fight. With that said, my ex and I came to a close quickly on our divorce and our child's well being.

I am able to move on with my life as best as I can and feel that my child's best interest was always met. Thank you Pat and all in the office who truly just didn't see me as a client, they really cared.